Thursday, January 17, 2013

Perfume - Samples from Enchanticals Perfume

Back in December, when the world was about to end as you might remember, Enchanticals Perfume (Etsy shop here) had a short End of Days sale that I promptly exploited! (I just loved the concept of an End of Days sale, complete with the ironic promise of a refund if the world did indeed end.) I ordered twelve samples and got to choose three more freebies.

These are the samples I received and their primary notes according to scent descriptions:
  • Dungeon - burning leather,  icy scent of a cold stare and steel bars, freshly dug dirt.
  • Kashmire - labdanum, cashmere, teak wood, opium, cinnamon, coriander,  sandalwood.
  • Juna - moon flower, oak moss, benzoin.
  • Mephistopheles - sweet tobacco absolute, Indonesian dark patchouli essential oil, black licorice, brown sugar, deep dark ripe figs.
  • The Old Crow - 3 different resins, blue musk's, whiskey, black pepper essential oil.
  • The Haunted Mansion - leather, labdanum, cocoa absolute, dark chocolate, sweet woody tobacco absolute, patchouli essential oil, rootbeer.
  • Harvesting Zombies - aged patchouli essential oil,  amber,  cinnamon, harvest fruits and spices.
  • Frankie's Wild Bride - Amaretto, clementine, cranberries,  graveyard weeds, chypre (patchouli and oakmoss absolutes), cinnamon.
  • Embracer la Mort - violet flowers,  dark juicy berries,  greens,  incense and vanillas
  • Sara's Dragon - dragons blood, clove, blood orange, cinnamon, dark chocolate, exotic flora.
  • Ghouls Night Out - blood orange, apples, pumpkin, warm spices, dragons blood. 
  • Rama - sweet tobacco, cocoa absolute, sandalwood, spiced rum, bergamot, coriander, sweet marjoram essential oil.
  • Hathor's Horizon - patchouli and vetiver, greens, vanilla, chocolate, caramel, cherries.
  • Absinthe - anise, green tea, angelica root.
  • Typsy Gypsy - soils of the earth, rose, fig, exotic spices, rum, wine. 

There are many here that I like, a few that I love and a few that go straight to potential swaps. I will not review all of them, probably only the ones that I love and/or find very interesting. Scents that I will definitely review are Dungeon and The Haunted Mansion, Mephistopheles and Rama. But if there are any other scents that you want to know more about, do let me know and I´ll review them for you!


  1. Oh so many nice ones! I am following Monika's blog and I am intrigued by the scents. I too like the sound of The Haunted Mansion, Dungeon, Rama :) Also would love to know how The Old Crow and Kashmire are :) x

    1. I can definitely review those for you! I´m not in love with either one,but they are nice.

    2. Oh, what's her blog, Su?

    3. I just ordered some samples from there last week! I think the only one I got the same as you was Embracer la Mort. Can't wait to get them - this was another shop I'd never heard of and just stumbled across while I was searching Etsy.

    4. You stumble across some awesome things on Etsy!!

    5. Both I and Su are following the Enchanticals blog: I suppose that is the blog that Su is referring to!

    6. Thanks for the link, Nadja!