Friday, January 18, 2013

Perfume Review - Mephistopheles

Mephistopheles by Enchanticals Perfume.

Another early morning review from me... I seem to have gotten into the habit of putting on perfume before I go to bed, but Mephistopheles is not a perfume I´d usually wear to bed, it is more exciting than comforting. In the bottle this is sweet and rather mild with no clear notes to my nose, there is some delicate patchouli and whiffs of anise-like licorice but this scent does not make a definite impression until it hits skin.

On wet I can only smell licorice at first, and how I love licorice! Then comes the patchouli and drowns out everything else, and how I love patchouli! This is quite an unusual combination, but it works! Patchouli and licorice play a game of dominance for quite a while and at times I can catch whiffs of brown sugar. The tobacco stays in the background in this one, it is there and adds a certains smokyness but it does not dominate. It is a very different kind of tobacco from the one in Miel de Sauvage et Tabac, much sweeter and not as pungent. I get no fig at all in this scent, even though it is there according to scent description.... That´s a shame, because I do love fig... As Mephistpheles dries the tobacco becomes more and more noticeable and the drydown is a beautiful blend of tobacco and patchouli.

I´ll sleep with this on and see if I can still smell it in the morning. I`ll add longevity then as I can not remember from my earlier trials. Update: I could still smell it this morning after about 9 hours of wear, so longevity is a bit more than average. Sillage is about average, perhaps a bit less.

I love this one, maybe enough for a full size bottle, we´ll se when the samples is gone. It is earthy and smoky and delightfully deep with a sparkling anise at the top... makes for an intriguing blend! I might try to layer this one with Miel de Sauvage et Tabac and see what happens, that combo has potential I think. Update: This combination is just as gorgeous as I thought it would be!

(Speaking of MdSeT, I tried it on my friend Blomma, who has a very different skin chemistry and WOW on her it is AWESOME! On her it is honey galore with gorgeous tobacco backdrop, I´m envious! And she is envious because she loves how it smells on me... The world is unfair!)


  1. This one makes me curious. I love licorice but generally hate patchouli (though Twyla's aged patchouli is slowly converting me).

    1. Wow, I´ve never though that you could hate patchouli... that´s like hating vanilla... or amber... O_o