Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Outfit - Traveling in style!

Wore this today as I traveled from my (parents) home in Finland to where I study in Sweden, this involved one flight and two bus rides... I really should have photographed my luggage as well, but you can imagine that, surely. Let´s just say I had as much stuff with me as I was allowed... This doesn´t look very practical does it, but there is reason behind my madness! The thing with traveling via airplane is that there is never enough space for all my clothes! So I just wear whetever is bulkiest!! In this case one red, black and grey checkered/plaid wool skirt layered with one faux leather skirt of similar lenght... It felt a bit awkward but I got all my stuff moved from one place to another so that´s OK. 

Except for the checkered skirt, you have seen most of these items of clothing in other outfits.The skirt was another cheap charity shop find, I don´t remember what it cost me, but probably next to nothing.

The necklace I have made myself and I think it goes rather well with the skirt. I collected beads for this one for what felt like ages and it was finally completed this summer. I just had to make something really beautiful whit that fab focal bead! I have a similar necklace for sale in my Etsy shop, if any one is interested. The colors and materials are exactly the same as in this one, glass beads and smoke quartz, but the focal bead of that one is not as beatifully cut. You can find it here.

P.S. For the perfumistas: I wore Ambre from L'Occitane, a simple but glorious amber that I bought as a decand last spring. I wore it today because it is mild enough to not drive any fellow flight passengers mad, because it has great longevity, and because all my indie perfumes were packed away deep down in my suitcase!


  1. I'm a sucker for a plaid skirt - yours is beautiful! :o)

    1. I was happy when I found it! I´m not very fond of the traditional plaid patterns, but this one is not so traditional, more of a combination of checkered and plaid, so it is easier on my sense of aesthetics... :)