Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Outfit - New romantic bohemian skirt

I got the skirt in this outfit from my friend Blomma today. She said she doesn´t use it so she gave it to me.  It is not really my style, much cuter/more romantic than what I usually wear. But I am a sucker for skirts with a bit of volume, and the colors are right up my alley! It was hard to find matching pieces in my wardrobe though... This crushed velvet dress was about the only thing that really worked. I bought it at a sale at Weekday and I love how versatile it is! The crushed black velvet is a material that is quintessentially gothic to me, but at the same time this dress is simple and stylish and does not succumb to the gothic cliché. I usually wear it with a skirt underneath, because I am rather prudish... The necklace is a simple coiled snake made from thick copper wire, I bought this one in a small craft shop here in Uppsala. I love copper tone jewelry!!  

Price tag: Meh, who cares... about 30 € maybe.

Wish list: More basic and versatile clothes, like this dress, that still have that gothic/steampunk/anything strange wibe!


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    1. Thank you! In my jewelry collection it is not very unique. :) Except for the fact that it is copper, it is so hard to find copper jewelry.