Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Perfume - What Does a Hobbit Smell Like?

I guess that very few have missed that The Hobbit will be realeased soon. It will probably be the same procedure as last time, people camping outside the movie theaters dressed as hobbits, elves, dwarfs! And we all know  what hobbits look like, the pointy ears, short stature, hairy feet. 

But what do hobbits smell like?

According to Sarawen a hobbit, at least a Baggins, smells of "Sweet tobacco, ivy greens, and tilled earth" with "a hint of butterscotch and honeyed tea". That is her perfume Misty Journeys, inspired by The Hobbit. 

Another suggestion comes from rosemarygrace who has made a set of perfumes called Races of Middle Earth wherein  the hobbit smells of fig, cinnamon, vanilla and honeysuckle. 

Deep Midnight Perfumes has also made a whole set of perfumes inspired by The Hobbit. Of these The Halfling's Party is the scent that represents hobbitkind. Catrianna, who makes these perfumes, describes this scent as "freshly buttered bread, harvest apples baked into a caramel tart, rum, red wine (for the wizard), and a light citrus with background notes of old polished wood, sweet tobacco leaf, and a dusting of oak wood roaring in a welcoming hearth". She has herself written a blog post about this set of perfumes, you can find that here

At Green Nymph Grotto a whole range of Middle Earth inspired perfumes can be found. Out of these there are two with a hobbit connection. Baggins is a blend of tobacco, rosemary, orange and spice while Samwise smells of "herbal rosemary, fertile earth, and sweet vanilla, with a hint of sunny lemon". 

Finally I have found a perfume by Scent by the Sea that seems very appropriate for a hobbit on the road. according to the description this scent, that goes simply by the name of Middle Earth, smells of "
essences of fruitwood, resinous pine, green herbal and a touch of elven magic."

I can conclude that if you want to smell like a hobbit when you go see The Hobbit, wear a woody/herbal/gourmand perfume with a hint of tobacco! That is what a hobbit smells like!

My dream hobbit perfume: honey, tobacco, oakmoss and spices.


  1. I am a huge fan of honey-tobacco combo! I may wear something like that when/if I see Hobbit :)
    I just love whimsical themed perfumes too :) Will be checking out all your links!
    Scent By The Sea Middle Earth is nice, smells like forest, so green and sweet. I love that perfume! Will be wearing it today and give it some love :)

  2. Thanks for the comment Su! I have yet to sample a honey/tobacco scent, but I´m certain I´ll love it! I´m waiting rather impatiently for a sample of Miel de Sauvage et Tabac from Alkemia, so I´ll get to try soon!

    1. You will love it (If you like sweet/heavy perfumes)! It is simply gorgeous!
      Firebird also has one, I think.

    2. Ahhh, sweet and heavy! Never had a problem with sweet and it only gets better with heavy!
      I read a perfume review of honey/tobacco scents somewhere, was that on your blog? One tobacco/honey I really want to try is Eau Contraire (rather brilliant name!) from Herbal Alchemy!

    3. Yes, I think you read about TF Tobacco Vanille, Chergui and Kilian's Back to Black on my blog! They are all so good :)
      Never heard of Herbal Alchemy. Bookmarking the site now. I also checked out your Etsy store. Love your creations <3

    4. I haven´t tried anything from Herbal Alchemy yet, but it does sound like awesome, traditionally made, perfume for a reasonable price... I found that shop on Etsy (like so many other great perfume shops).

      And thank you, I´m glad you like my shop!

  3. Oh my gosh, these sound amazing! I was a hardcore LotR fan in high school, so this stuff makes my nerdy heart squee with glee :D

    1. I was also a hardcore fan once upon a time! Still am, a fan that is, but not so hardcore anymore... :)