Thursday, December 13, 2012

Outfit - Black Steampunk

This was the outfit of the day. This is full on steampunk for me! I don´t own a corset as of yet, and I don´t even know if I want one. A vest is more practical, suits everyday life much better and I can have a pocket watch if I wear a vest! Anyway this is a very basic steampunk outfit really. It consists of:

  • A black shirt with wide sleeves that are fitted at the wrist. Bought this at a second hand shop for about 20 €. It doesn´t look very nice without the vest, a bit shapeless... But the sleeves are fantastic so with the vest it´s perfect!
  • A basic fitted vest, from H&M I think, can´t quite remember... I think it was cheap, because I bought two, this black one and one checkerd grey. Finding a womens vest with the right fit and with pockets is not easy, I´ll tell you. I have five vests but only these two above fit well and have pockets large enough for a pocket watch!
  • One awesome wide black skirt. I can´t really tell you where to find one like this. Mine is a hand-me-down from a friend... It was literally thrown at me and was the start for my interest in steampunk/victorian style really. Or, well, the hat was first, but the skirt made me curious to try the whole steampunk look. 
  • Lace up ankle boots, the same as in the previous outfit.
  • My beautiful pocket watch! This was one of my first Etsy finds, for about 20€, but from a shop that does not exist anymore. You can find others quite like it though if you search for "mechanical pocket watch". But be aware that this pocket watch is neither truly hand made nor vintage, so they do not fit with the Etsy policy and such shops are freaquently terminated. So Etsy is not the ideal place to find pocket watches like this one, it was just convenient for me as I already had an Etsy account. I have bought a vintage russion pocket watch from TimeMill on Etsy. They sell mostly watch parts, perfect for steampunk crafts, but also some working watches. No pocket watches in the shop right now, but keep an eye out and the perfect one might pop up there.. Another Etsy shop, Alfresco Unique Group, have no pocket watches, but really awesome mechanical steampunk wrist watches! If I wore wrist watches I would definitely order from there. 
  • My black top hat. Good luck on finding an affordable one! Mine was the most expensive item I have ever bought, but then again, I´m a cheap bastard!
  • The final piece of this outfit is the brooch below. I made this myself as one of my first ventures into the world of wire wrapping. I decided that the technique was not for me, I like to be more free and impulsive in my crafts. But this brooch turned out ok. I´ve had the rhinestone eye button for a long time, always thinking that I should make it into some kind of jewelry... I have no jewelry like this one in my shop, I don´t think I have the skill set required for wire wrapping, but I do make wire dragonflies.

Price tag: about 60 €, excluding the top hat.

Wish list: I have to add corset here, I´d love to have one for really showing off, and for more formal occasions. More pocket watches are always on the list, and I want a matching chain for my vintage watch, the one it came with was a bit too worn and a bit too thin and with the wrong clasp for my tastes, I want one with a T-bar or with a hook (like the featured in this outfit)... A brocade vest is also on the wish list, preferably any combination of red, black, gold and silver. This brocade vest is something I´m not really expecting to find, and if i find one it will definitely either be a mans size or way too expensive, but one can hope!


  1. Love your style nadja.... enjoying my wander here :-) (suzi-Lone Crow on etsy!)