Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Outfit - Victorian with a Modern Twist

Wore this today! My hat is my constant companion, and this outfit does go well with it. Feels like a mishmash of styles, the shoes and the hat are of course rather victorian, but the rest... I don´t know...

The blouse is probably silk and such a beautiful orange-brown color! I bought it cheaply at a charity shop. Only later, when i got home and really looked at it did I realize that it is apparently made in the costume studio at the Dramaten theater in Stockholm. Where there usually is a necklable on any ordinary clothing, there is a Dramaten tag on this one, noted on this tag is the play that this blouse was used in and the actress who wore it. I think that is pretty neat!! And I do get to be sure that this is a completely unique piece!

The skirt is fake leather and wider than it looks in these photos (curse my tiny mirror!). I bough it at an H&M sale about a year ago and it has been a great addition to my wardrobe. I love fake leather, I love the color (it never is quite black, but rather dark dark grey) and the texture! I love to use contrasting textures together, like here between the silk and the fake leather, one soft and one harsh!

The shoes are my trusty high heeled lace up ankle boots, invaluable for a victorian look!

Last but definitely not least is the fabulous black raven skull necklace! I bought this a couple of weeks ago from the fabulous Etsy shop Skeletos, that specializes in cast metal bird and bone jewelry! Do visit that shop, it is affordable, the service was great and the skull is absolutely perfect!!

Price tag: about 70 €, excluding the hat (that hat cost me another 70 € at Beyond Retro).

Wish list: I do wish there were more blouses of this same style to be found, it has an extremely flattering shape and I love the sleeves! I guess that if I want one like it I´ll have to go to a seamstress and have one made for me... => Expensive! Otherwise this outfit hasn´t brought any new wishes to mind... Perhaps a raven claw ring would be nice though, like this one but with a black finish to match the skull.

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