Friday, July 9, 2010

Muse - Nina Hagen

My mother told me that she used to listen to Nina Hagen in the early 80s. And after a trip to youtube and a search on google I have concluded that she is very original and inspiring! I´m especially inspired by her makeup, very over the top, but that´s the way I like it! I adore what she´s doing with her eyebrows, seems like a trademark of hers...

So now I have a liquid eyeliner in addition to my already somewhat impressive collection of dark lipsticks. You need at least one dark red, one dark brown and one dark violet. I´m thinking of bying a black lipstick as well, not to use as is but to combine with my other lipsticks to make them darker... I also have a bright red lipstick, which I never use, and a nude one, which is great for androgynous looks!

Still on the wish list: a quirky beauty trademark (my hat is my style trademark, I never go without it).

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