Saturday, July 3, 2010

Outfit - 80s Inspired

I wore this outfit to town a couple of days ago. I felt quite 80s. A couple of weeks ago I found the blouse/jacket at a trift store for 5 €. It was a bit large, so I moved some buttons at the waist. I like that it is large at the top, over the shoulders and chest, and small at the waist. I also like that you can either zip it up all the way to the neck or leave it open like I wear it in the picture, it looks great both ways. I think it IS from the 80s actually...

I pulled upp the legs of my faux leather pants over the knee and wore with my overknee stockings. It was a bit uncomfortable, but looked very nice. I love my faux leather pants. Again a versatile piece of clothing! But very warm, not for summer really, perhaps for cold and rainy summer days? Those pants are great when it rains, they are seriously waterproof! I don´t have to worry about getting my ass wet sitting on wet benches or the seat of my bicycle. A great by for autumn I think.

Price tag: about 25 €, excluding the hat...

Wish list: faux leather jacket (or a cheap second hand leather jacket), black leather gloves (futile, my hands are to large, no gloves ment for female hands fit me, and gloves ment for males are too wide and my long thin hands drown!), anything in black leather or lacquer perhaps... (Never thought something like lacquer pants would ever be on any wish list of mine, scary).

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