Thursday, July 1, 2010

Muse - Marlene Dietrich

Speaking of 30s glamour I came to think about Marlene Dietrich... Amazing style! The suit in the first pic makes her wonderfully androgynous. In the orher pics she is darkly elegant and never vulgar! I love the black veil in the middle and the white lace in the last pic. Dietrich is a truly elegant muse! An outfit does not have to be comlicated, simple is just as, if not more, elegant. People nowadays have a tendency to overcomplicate their outfits, sometimes making outfits messy and uncoordinated. Simplicity without minimalism is definitely undervalued today!

I find it funny that Dietrich smokes in nearly every picture. You never see that nowadays, people are to concerned with being politically correct. But damn, smoking is elegant. I could start smoking just for the elegance and flair of it...

Wish list: cigarette holder!

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