Thursday, July 1, 2010

Outfit - Military Jacket and Bowler Hat

A pick of old things in my wardrobe combined in a new way... I really like the bowler hat but I think it makes my allready round face even rounder so I don´t really use it as much as I should. The jacket is a brilliant old sale find, as is the blouse underneath. I like to mix and match contrasting thinks, new things/old things, masculine/feminine, simple/elaborate...

With a different shirt underneath the jacket this outfit would be more androgynous. I usually aim towards androgynity in my style, but sometimes i fall for the ultra feminine, like a cute frilly blouse in pastell colours... (I don´t know what´s wrong with me sometimes.) I look quite feminine so wearing edgy ultra masculine clothing is a nice contrast while wearing retro/vintage ultra feminine clothing makes me look like a stay at home wife of bygone eras... (No offence all you stay at home wifes but I´d rather go for a more androgyne look.)

On a monetary note, this outfit was another quite cheap one, 30 € for the lot...


  1. I just started following you and am flipping through your blog. I love your outfits! This is a fantastic one! I am also interested to read some of your perfume reviews- I am very picky with scents, some actually make me feel ill, so I find it hard to choose perfumes online. At the moment I am ordering a couple of floral solid perfumes that the lady was nice enough to give me scent samples of.

    1. Thank you Laura! This is an old one, but I still like it... But I don´t know where that bowler hat went, haven´t seen it in ages...

      Great that you are interested in perfume reviews too! Though you won´t find many florals reviwed here... I hate florals, for the most part. What kind of scents make you feel ill?