Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Inspiration - Lanvin Pre-fall

Usually I think Lanvin is kind of boring, but the last two years pre-fall collections have been very exciting! These images are from the pre-fall 2010 collection. The clothes have a wonderful retro feel. The first pic seems rural-inspired, it alludes to contry life with the headscarf and the grey colors, even the fabrics have a rustic feel almost. This is then kombined with lace stockings and extravagant red shoes... I love it! The contrast between rustic and luxurious makes for an enrapturing outfit!

The second dress is simply sublime with its bright golden lace, the material and style of that dress, as well as several more attires in this colection, makes me think of 30s glamour. The moviestars of the 30s inspire me to no end!

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