Saturday, April 27, 2013

A very nice day + outfit!

Last night I sent my almost finished Bachelor's paper to my supervisor so I took the day off today and ventured outside for the first time in almost two weeks... It seems that spring has arrived while I was working on my paper. I finally got to use something else than my winter coat. Don't get me wrong, I love my coat, but it gets a bit boring with only one option. But when it comes to jackets I have a multitude of options! This is what I wore today. It is an outfit that you have pretty much seen before, but I'm posting new pictures anyway. I do love this outfit!! It is such a shocker, this jacket! Oh, and the perfume of choice today was The Voice of Reason by Lush.

(Note to self: DUST THAT MIRROR!! Or even better, get a new, wider, mirror!)

The weather was gorgeous today, warm and sunny! I had a few things to take care of in town first but then I took the time to enjoy some things I usually do every spring. I had an ice cream by the river that runs through  Uppsala. One scoop of licorice and one of pecan ice cream. Then I walked through the beautiful old parts of town up to the university to return a book to the library. On the way back I took a stroll through the cemetary. I love cemetaries, they are so... gothic I guess! After that I visited the huge Uppsala cathedral. I'm not christian, but I enjoy the beautiful architecture and the wonderful feeling of history in this beautiful cathedral! Google it, it is a wonderful place! Lots of old kings and queens of Sweden are buried there along with other famous people, like Carl Linnaeus and Emanuel Swedenborg.

Back in the center of town I bought a salad and some strawberries, just for that luxurious spring feeling! On the way back to my bike I was accosted by a few people from one of the national TV networks.  I saw one of the TV people point me out to the others when I was still a fair distance from them, I guess they though I would look interesting on camera. You would be surprised how often that kind of thing happens when you dress like me. Anyway, they wanted to film me while they asked a few questions... Guess what the questions where about! They where about sex! I was happy to answer their questions just to spread the word about asexuality! So, apparently I'll be on Swedish television this autumn, on a show about sex. Oh the irony!

Oh, and I just have to say some words about my bike! It is such a piece of junk! It has no reflectors anymore, no handbrakes, no working bell, one of the baskets is fastened with a shoelace, a hairband and a piece of metal wire...  But I love my bike! It looks, and sounds, like junk but works like a charm! And this last weekend it finally got its just rewards for seven years of loyal service. My friend Blomma, who is an artist and an art teacher, painted it! It now looks like pretty junk instead of ugly junk! Here it is!

Now I'm going to just relax, watch something on netflix, eat my salad and my strawberries... Later I'll prepare those packages of perfume that I want to send to some fine people! Perhaps I'll write some perfume reviews too...


  1. Nadja, you look do stunning! Your jacket is to die for, I love it so much! And it sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful day. Cemetaries really are quite neat. Oh, and your bike is absolutely FABULOUS, darling!

    1. Thank you dear Rachel!

      The cemetary here in Uppsala is huge, and large parts are ull of old, mossy and gothic gravestones, the kind that are my hight or larger! Lots of large trees and small paths... Just very, very beautiful!

      Before being painted my bike was an ugly metallic teal blue gray kind of color, and rusty... So dark red is such an improvement... and the little details are just awesome!

  2. That jacket is so amazing! I am all kinds of jealous! I wish I could teleport so I could steal it! ha ha!

    It is great they have someone on the show talking about asexuality, more people should be aware of all the kinds of sexuality there are. How funny that they chose people for what they wear! I would love to be picked to be on a show in the street, I dress oddly too, but maybe it's because where I go to uni a lot of people dress up. Although usually I am the only Neo-Victorian around.

    1. Best thing is that it only cost me about $35! It is such great quality that it really should have cost way more! I guess it was a bit too outrageous to easily sell...

      The qestions they asked weren't very good for explaining what asexuality is, but asexuality is so unknown that any mention of it is good I think. I don't know what it is about the way I dress, but it seems to make me very approachable... There aren't a lot of people who dress oddly here in Uppsala. There are the usual subcultures (punk, goth...), but they tend to move in groups and be kind of intimidating perhaps... There are a few of steampunks in town that I know of, but they don't dress up on a daily basis... But I don't go out without dressin up and putting on my top hat! So, mostly I'm the only odd one around!