My Style Profile

This blog is not just about perfume. Far from it. So in addition to a perfume profile I feel the need to give an introduction to personal clothing style. I am not part of any single subculture but inspired by many. I dabble. I'm eclectic. My style varies, sometimes wildly, from day to day.

Here is a diagram showing some styles that inspire me and how much they each influence my own style.

In general I am fond of and inspired by the following:

  • Darker styles and darker colors. Various gothic styles, dark mori etc. Black, dark browns and greys, dark reds...
  • Opulent fabrics and colors. Brocade, embroidery, velvet... Dark gold, deep gemstone colors.
  • Natural materials and colors. Linen, wool, felt, leather, fur, wood... Browns, greys, neutrals, rusty colors.
  • Innocently romantic styles, materials and colors as a contrast to darker ones. Floral patterns, blush colors, sheer fabrics.
  • Vintage and historical styles. 
  • Bohemian, folkish and ethnic styles. 
  • Decay! Wear and tear, imperfection... Anything tarnished or with a patina.
  • Texture! As many different textures as possible!
  • Layers! 
  • Somewhat sinister accessories and materials. Bones, animal sculls, claws...
  • Romantic accessories to use as contrast. Flower hair accessories, cameo brooches, lace...
  • Steampunkish accessories. Pocket watches, old keys etc.
  • Jewelry made of copper, bronze or iron. Folkish jewelry or historical. 

That'll do for now...

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