Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Long time no blog / catch up outfit post

I don't really have any excuse for not blogging for such a long time (again). I do work a full time job (for now) but I should be able to find the time to blog anyway. I've just not been inspired I guess. Not sure if I can get back to regular blogging now either, but here is at least one post to tide you over.

When it comes to style I've been on a long run of doing the librarian thing. Since I work every day now, and at a bigger library I've felt like I had to tone down the goth and steampunk a bit and go for more neutral. But I do dress up like every day is special, and the top hat is still my almost constant companion. Here are a few outfits from the last couple years.

Above is my medieval style linen dress. I sewed it myself  way back when I was studying archaeology. I love the color and cut of it and still wear it quite a lot. Here with brown leather and bronze accessories, as it should be with that color blue I think.

Now, I know lots of people can't abide fur. Their loss my gain though. I wear leather and I eat meat so I would feel like a hypocrite if I condemned fur. That it's once been living breathing creatures just makes me value and respect it more. Just like I rspect anything that is raw and real more than the opposite. I've been picking up vintage fur coats at flea markets for next to nothing because no one wants them. This one here is my favorite, reversable with brocade on one side and rabbit fur on the other. I wear it with the brocade out, because fur lining, wow that is the hight of decadence!

Picked up this pretty floral dress at a flea market and doubted that I'd ever wear it, but boy was I wrong! i never thought I'd like something pink, blue and white, but there you are. I'm rediscovering "normal clothes" and finding out what works best for me, what is most flattering. And like it or not, pastels and pinks are it... I combine with black though, or with something edgy, because I wouldn't feel like myself otherwise.

One style theme for me lately has been baggy n' belted. This particular tunic was another dubious flea market find that ended up being a favorite. Super baggy and crisply mediterranean white and blue. Add a belt and becomes very flattering, almost elegant even. 

Taking librarian stereotypes to the extreme... except for the hat that is. And the lack of severe updo. I need more grey, brown, tweed and suede in my life! And I need to learn how to wrangle my hair into a flattering updo, I'm just not skilled...

Self portrait with wood anemones.

Otherwise I've been busy gardening and garden planning, and taking pictures of my garden. Embroidering at times. Reading and collecting books. Traveling some. Singing with my choir.

I'm such a walking stereotype, lol... In swedish there is a word, a stereotype or archetype almost, kulturtant, which refers to an older woman with cultural interests. They inhabit libraries, theaters and museums, they used to be hippies in their youth, or they wish they were, or maybe they were punk or rock ...rebels of any sort, they have leftist ideals, they are feminists, they are educated, they travel, maybe to Italy or France, they drink tea, preferably fair trade, they are interestind in cooking or good food, or they might be vegans or vegetarians, they craft, and go to lectures or take courses to further their education, if they garden they grow romantic flowers and imagine their house is an old English cottage, or maybe they are passionate about organic gardening, they dress in line with their ideals and interests, crafty and organic... Librarian is the ultimate kulturtant profession, and even outside of work I fit the stereotype. So I'll just accept it, I'm already a kulturtant.

As a goodbye for now, have some pretty flowers from my garden. And a greeting from my pretty Paavo.

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  1. Your style is inspiring as always! I love that description kulturant, definitely suits me!