Monday, September 9, 2013

Five Things From My Wardrobe

This post is in part inspired by the "five things tag" that is moving around the blogosphere right now. It is an interesting tag, but I felt like modfying it to be more about personal style. This post is also inspired by some posts by Lynette at Evolution of an Aristocrat (awesome blog, do go visit!). She has embarked on a closet remake and while I have not found myself doing the same, I am doing this instead.

Lynettes posts about her wardrobe really had me thinking about what items make out the core of my wardrobe. What are my favorite items (right now)? Which items do I use the most (or wish I could use the most)? What items are indispensible? What items are at the core of my personal style? With these questions in mind I created a few categories and got to work.

Five Favorite Clothing Items

  • Dark red velveteen shirt. As seen here and here.
  • Black shirt with wide sleeves. As seen here and here.
  • Gold and red brocade jacket. As seen here
  • Pleather pants. As seen here and here
  • Black skirt with ruffles at the hem. As seen here.
Conclusion: This was a difficult category as I decided to limit myself to just five items from my whole clothing wardrobe. But I learned a lot in the process of choosing these five items! They are items that work well together. Almost all of them have been in the same outfit at some point. They are also for the most part items that are second hand. They can also be said to be a representation of my personal style. 

Five Favorite Necklaces

  • Raven skull necklace. As seen here.
  • Gothic winged necklace. As seen here
  • Wire eye pendant. From Twisted Sister Arts.
  • Beaded black and silver necklace with key. My own creation.
  • Rosary inspired amber colored necklace with key. My own creation.

Five Other Jewelry Favorites

  • Forged iron ring. Recent find. 
  • Leaf brooch. Recent find.
  • Eye button brooch. As seen here. My own creation.
  • Hematite ring. A jewelry staple in my wardrobe.
  • Peace sign clip on earring. Good for a gal without pierced ears.
Jewelry concusions: I wasn't as strict with my jewelry categories. I have soo many favorite necklaces that they got a cateory of their own. Here too I can see certain patterns. I seem to have an obsession with anything gunmetal/oxidized silver/forged iron/dark silver colored... The wire eye gives a dark red splash of color and then there are the couple of bronze/amber/rust items. I notice a certain similarity in color scheme between my favorite jewelry items and my favorite clothes! Most of these pieces of jewelry have also been used in outfits together with my favorte clothes!

Five Favorite Perfumes

  • Mona di Orio Les Nombres d'Or Cuir.
  • Slumberhouse Jeke. reviewed here.
  • Darling Clandestine Maudlin and Bedlam.
  • Wild Hybrid Wrangler.
  • Olympic Orchids Tropic of Capricorn.
Conclusions: this is very much a "right now" category of favorites. Jeke is a long time favorite and I believe that Tropic of Capricorn and Cur might also stay favorites for a long time. The other two are ones that I am obsessed with at the moment but that might be forgotten tomorrow or next week. Still I notice patterns of leather, animalic notes, darkness, spices and a hint of smoke. These scents are definitely "me".

Five Other Indispensible Items

  • Top hat. As seen in all of my outfits, it's always on my head!
  • Brass (?) shot glass. Perfect to bring with me to parties. Why borrow an ugly glass when you can party in style!?
  • Perfume notebooks. As seen here
  • Gunmetal pocket watch. As seen here, there and everywhere really. 
  • Ankh cross pendant. Why isn't this one among my necklaces you ask? Well, I, um, forgot about about it...
Conclusion: Several of these items are with me or on me most of the time! The Ankh is the odd one out here, but I adore it so sue me. Other candidates for this category were my black satchel bag, my winter coat, my beautiful tea cup and a few other items... but these made the final cut. What most of them have in common (sorry ankh) is that they are beautiful accessories with a practical use! 

I'd love to see some of you do this! It really is a learning experience and I am very curious as to how your five favorites would look!


  1. Awww... Thanks for the shout out Nadja. I'm so happy that my recent theme has inspired other posts!

    Once I get my closet more sorted out, I'll definitely do a five favorites post compared to a five most worn post (and I think I may even be able to upload pictures with my phone). You should do a post about where you get all your necklaces from and how you choose them- because I need to start augmenting my accessories.

    1. I can definitely do a post about my necklaces (and the rest of my jewelry) if it would benifit you. There is a lot of method to it. I definitely don't buy anything at random and I have a consistent personal style when it comes to jewelry too.

    2. Absolutely I'd love to hear the process.

  2. Great post! I enjoyed getting to know you a little better.
    I'm impressed with that eye necklace.

    1. Thank you! Do check out the shop where that eye is from! It will blow your mind!! Every wire eye is absolutely unique, and absolutely perfect!

  3. This is such a fun post! I know I've said it a million times, but you have such a good sense of style :) And I love the necklaces you made- your veins are dripping with talent. Making your own teas and perfume and jam, your jewelry, the outfits you put together- the list goes on! My perfume favorites change a lot too- but I can't wait to see what you think of The Horseman by HoG, I think you might really love it :)

    1. Thank you Rachel! <3 I got my samples from HoG about a week ago and I'm sorry to say that I didn't even like The Horseman. :( I find the leather in it strangely medicinal and there is definitely a very strong wool note in there. (And I don't want to smell like wool!) And then it goes soapy... The rest of my samples were, for the most part, lovely but a bit too foody for my current tastes... I don't know if I will do reviews of the them... There are other scents that I have recently tried that I'd much rather review. I definitely want to do a Wild Hybrid review, the samples I bought from there were so interesting and high quality!

    2. And I definitely want to write an Olympic Orchids review, I just have to wait for a few more samples to arrive! ;D