Monday, February 11, 2013

Perfume Samples - Slumberhouse

I recieved a package of samples from Slumberhouse today! I have had a bit of a problem with shipping lately as former flatmate accidentally removed my name from the door when he moved out... so all my mail got returned to sender for about a week or so. But now I finally have this long awaited set of samples! A while back I stumbled upon a really charming interview with the perfumer behind this brand at Notable Scents as well as some really fascinating reviews of Slumberhouse scents at both Memory of Scent and Smellythoughts and the brand just sounded so interesting and definitely right up my alley! The samples were really generous and affordable too, so I went for it. The sample pack that you can buy at the Slumberhouse website consists of 2 ml spray samples of the five scents that make up the general catalog! In addition to these five I also recieved three free samples! That´s an amazing 16 ml of quality all natural indie perfume for $20 + affordable shipping! Just awesome!

These are the scents in the sample pack:
Grev - A deep, spicy and earthy scent with an elegant kick of herbs. Notes: copaiba balsam, fir resin, clove, orris root, cedar.
Jeke - Burning wood, November leaves, trees, cigars and leather shoes. Notes: cade, tobacco, patchouli, benzoin, labdanum.
Vikt - Dark balsamic trees that exudes sweet metallic oils. Notes: oud, styrax, ravensara (laurel from Madagascar).
Norne - Nocturnal air beneath grandiose canopies of fir and hemlock. Notes: pine and fir resin, lichen, fern, moss.
Rume - The explorers hideaway. Notes: bay, myrrh, labdanum, praline, clay, cola, hay.

Pear + Olive - Notes: pear, olive, chamomille, cognac, zdravets, aglaia, massoia bark, calamus.
Baque - Notes: apricot, cedar, straw, vanilla, tobacco leaf, davana, ambergris.
Kere - Notes: apricot,white chocolate, plum, spices, honeysuckle, licorice, hay, caramel.

As of yet I have only tried on two scents, Per + Olive and Grev. I started with the ones that are not really my thing, but I like them more than I thought. Pear + Olive is admittedly very far from my comfort zone but it is still rather nice and wearable, the pear reminds me a bit too much of the Yves Rocher pear perfume that I had as a child though... I also thought that Grev might be too much of an elegant cologne for me, but it is fabulous; fir and clove and powdery orris!! I´m really looking forward to trying on Vikt, Jeke and Norne, but I´m saving them for last!

Which of these scents do you find most interesting? Have you heard of this brand before?


  1. I have seen this brand on the blogs you mentioned but I thought that they were expensive. I don't know why! I am definitely going to order some samples when I have some extra money! Grev especially sounds perfect for me!

    1. Well, the full sizes are large (50 ml I believe) so they are quite expensive because of the size alone, but the samples are super affordable!! I am now wearing four of these scents and I am impressed with all of them! They are so unique and have an awesome sillage!!

  2. Grev and Jeke both sound amazing! I have not heard of this company yet. But I love learning about new companies, and it's so awesome that I am exposed to them through you guys :D

    1. Grev is kind of elegantly spicy while Jeke is more rough... I like them both but my favorites are Norne, Vikt and Kere!