Sunday, December 9, 2012

Etsy Finds - Perfume

Last spring I discovered a new obsession! Perfumes! I can never get enough! There are so many great perfume shops on Etsy! More interesting perfumes to a more affordable price. Here are a some of the shops I have found:

BlackBaccara is the place to go for affordable gothic perfumes. I recommend splurging on samples, beacuse there are a lot of delightful options to try on! I love Boneyard, Raven and Black Cat and I´d love to shop some more samples!

DarlingClandestine is another great place for buying affordable natural perfume for those with a love for the dark, gothic and strange. I can attest to Evonne's fabulous talent! Her shop is closed until the New Year, but in the meantime you can check out my review of some of her perfumes.

SteamBathFactory is another great shop that I have personal experience with. Affordable steampunk perfumery is this shop's niche! Of what's currently in stock I have tried and liked Black Widow, but I LOVE Conservatory and Acid Reign!!

This, above, is the extent of my personal experience with alternative natural perfumery on Etsy, but I have a lot more that I want to experience! Here are some:

Alkemia has an enchanting array of strange perfumes that I want to try. I just ordered ten samples, so I´ll be back with a review after I have recieved those. I´m especially intrigued by Wing of Bat and
Miel de Sauvage et Tabac

Pixxxie Pie & Posie and The Mindful Mushroom are both wonderfully whimsical perfume shops! I can´t wait to order some samples from both of them! I´m especially interested in scents like The Blackwood Cello, A Thight CorsetAnnabel Lee and Freakshow.

Madam Scodioli, the bearded lady, sells solid natural perfume inspired by circuses and sideshows. I love solid perfume! Natural perfumes do have a tendency of lacking longevity, but if you can easily transport your perfume, that is not a problem. So solid natural perfumes are a hit with me! I´m lusting after Step Right Up and Laudanum!

MidnightGypsyAlchemy draws inspiration from "ancient alchemy and gypsy lore". These magical and natural scents are really enticing, as well as very affordable, and I so want to order som samples! I´m most interested in Alma Gitana and Mandrake Garden.

If you are blessed with more money and feel like spending it on personal luxuries there are some more high end perfumeries on Etsy as well:

ForStrangeWomen works with strange concepts in their organic and natural perfumes. Many of these scents are elegantly gothic or perfect for victorian steampunk. All solid scents can also be bought in beautiful perfume lockets! I´m in lust for Decadence and Debauchery and Bollywood (I do love spicy scents!).

Illuminated Perfume sells organic, natural, botanical perfume with some serious attention to detail and quality!   Most of the scents in this shop are classicaly inspired, and not very alternative in nature. But there are some darker scents that are inspired by pagan celtic lore as well as old tales and fantasy literature. Examples are GreenWitch, Vespertina and Hedera Helix.

There are of course many more perfume shops on Etsy, but writing about all of them is impossible... Anything in particular that you want to find? Feel free to ask! If  there is one thing I know something about, it is perfume on Etsy!!

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